Nyasa Times gurus Edgar Chibaka (L) and Thom (R) Chiumia with Chakwera

One would say that may be it is the UK government officials who hold MCP leader, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, in high esteem but you may not be entirely correct as it has been found that that even the Editor and Managing Director of the oldest and notorious Online publication in Malawi, Nyasa Times, also hold the MCP president in high esteem.When the MCP leader was addressing Malawians in UK—Nyasa Times gurus, Editor Thom Chiumia and Managing Editor Edgar Chibaka—formed part of the audience to appreciate the visionary leadership in Dr Chakwera on how he will handle an issue of dual citizenship—an issue which Malawians leaving abroad think the current president is running away from addressing.

“Malawians leaving abroad want to be allowed to hold dual citizenship and it appears we will have positive feedback in the event that Chakwera takes over the reins of power in 2019,” said one guy.

Chakwera was recently in UK on invitation from the Queen’s government to discuss a number of governance issues.

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