By Saunders Jumah

Officials, supporters and followers of the Peter Mutharika Adminaitration, having followed the discussion conducted by Times Television last night (Monday October 15, 2017) attended by your Minister of Information Mr. Nicholas Dausi, hosted by Brian Banda, and taking in mind, I observe the comments that most of you make on social media platforms. It has come to my attention that you guys are living in the past with much self-deceit.

The Information Minister failed to conduct himself in a manner that can give a picture of a Government in power. He failed to answer questions soberly, and chose instead, to mock or insult the host.

Mr. Kasakula and the presenter Brian Banda, posed questions, none of which were answered. Mr. Dausi showed the true character of his masters’ voice: pompous, arrogant, aggressive, abusive, and domineering.

Although Minister Dausi and the country’s leader lie that they are ready to receive any advice for the sake of Malawi, it is not true. You people are not willing to be advised and you are possessed with power that soon will evaporate into thin air.

What you are forgetting is that Malawians managed to defy the mighty Kamuzu Banda at a time the voice of the nation was only one MBC. Two consecutive elections (Referendum and general elections), were denied by Malawi’s citizens.

The one party of the time, displayed exactly the same attitude you are showing. Mind you, there were people that were nicknamed “computer” Hetherwick Ntaba, who could manage to convince listeners as well as many citizens, but citizens rejected Kamuzu Banda.

Out of the 1,2 million followers and supporters of the MCP it was Kamuzu Banda himself who read the situation when he announced the verdict of the elections that were still being counted.

Kamuzu Banda had to summon MBC to Sanjika Palace after his minions and staunch supporters vehemently denied accepting the verdict of the elections.

DPP lacks humility; you cannot accept or open the door for advice and criticism. Without doing this DPP is following the footsteps of how the MCP nosedived in 1993 and 94.

Let people from the opposite bench or platform pat your shoulders for a job well done not yourself.

The reaction of your minister indicate you are failing and have failed Malawi. Mr. Dausi talked about the drying of rivers as a reason for persistent blackouts in Malawi, but Namibia and Botswana have no flowing rivers and yet electricity is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7).

This is to do with visionary leadership. Money is being stolen every minute every hour under the DPP government but no one is apprehended. All the offices where money is swindled get torched and are gutted with fire. No action has been put in place to stop these evil deeds of destroying evidence. The trend is continuing. How can you say are doing good in Malawi?

Only if you stand up and start listening shall you govern this nation well, currently you are not governing but campaigning and canvassing telling people how good you can be not how good you are.

You better stop this, time is running.

I for one advise you to start a campaign of weeding bad leaders within DPP, be sane, and show remorse for citizens to believe and trust you.

You cannot be trusted when you are failing to answer honest and genuine questions. You cannot be trusted when your president hide himself from coming into the open and address national concerns and grievances of citizens.

This attitude alone has left you with “D minus” approval rate.

The advice the Utopian give you is; come into the open and be inclusive, accept your failures and where you cannot afford seek for help and advise from others. “This is what is called Government of the people for the people by the people.”

Mind you, if you take Malawi as “government of DPP for DPP by DPP” you are soon to regret because Malawians are not who we were in 1994, we are not who we were in 2014. Come 2019 you will have your knees to whisper.

To you my fellow comrades on social media who are from the blue league; be citizens do not be naive. Point at mistakes so that your seniors and leaders can address.

You say you are a progressive party, is what you are doing progressive??

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