A military court in Cameroon has sentenced the main opposition leader Aboubakar Siddiki to 25 years in prison, a sentence that has been described as politically motivated by the Amnesty International.

Cameroon president, Paul Biya

Siddiki was rendered the charges of hostility against the homeland as well as revolution and contempt of the president over accusations that he plotted to destabilize the country.

But Siddiki`s lawyer said the prosecution was part of government campaign to deal with its critics and that he is planning to appeal.

However, the Cameroon government has since dismissed the claims that the charges rendered against Mr Siddiki were politically motivated.

Besides Siddiki, the court sentenced Abdoulaye Harissou, a well-known notary, to three years in prison for failure to denounce a crime. The court also dropped charges against three journalists arrested in connection with the same case.

Dozens of people have been killed and hundreds arrested in a crackdown in recent months on protests in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions.

Residents there say they suffer social and economic marginalization in the predominantly Francophone country.

The protests have become a lightning rod for opposition to President Paul Biya’s 35-year rule.

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