The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture has told Transglobe to vacate an injunction which the company obtained to stop implementation of the  Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp).

Transglobe obtained the injunction in protest after its bid to be one of the suppliers for the programme was rejected.

Farm Input Subsidy Programm

Chidanti Malunga: It is immoral

“It is immoral to hold 900,000 Malawians at ransom because they have not been a contracted. We know who was on the list of success bidders. Transglobe was not there, now to come around to say we want the contract. Where does it happen on earth? If you apply for the job or whatever it is, you expect two things to win or lose,” he said.

He added that many people are waiting to benefit from the program and they have been affected by Transglobe’s injunction.

Malunga noted that the rains have started but farmers are yet to start accessing the coupons.

“We think that if they are going to work for Malawians, then they are going to feel the importance to remove their injunction as you know that issues to do with court orders are supposed to be adhered to,” he said.

Malunga warned that committee of Parliament will consider revoking Transglobe’s licence if the company refuses to vacate the injunction.

He added that the committee is to probe Transglobe dealings with Malawi government.

The Office of Director of Public Procurement (ODPP) earlier this month approved 14 companies to supply inputs under Fisp.

Under the program, each beneficiary will get a coupon for accessing two bags of fertiliser and certified seed.

One of Transglobe directors, Rashid Tayub, is answering a corruption case together with minister of agriculture George Chaponda over irregularities during government’s procurement of maize from Zambia last year.



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