Separatist, Vincent Wandale, has dared Malawi president, Peter Mutharika, to a referendum to determine who is the legitimate president of the Lhomwe belt.

Wandale’s remark follows proclamation that Mutharika made at the Mulhako wa Alhomwe anniversary in Mulanje that only he was the legitimate president for Malawi.

Vincent Wandale

Wandale: Mutharika can not rule by force

“There is only one President in Malawi, and it is me” declared Mutharika.

But Wandale, who has declared himself president of the ‘State’ of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST), has fought back, demanding a demanded an independence referendum for the two districts, thereby setting up a duel against Mutharika.

“Mutharika’s legitimacy over Mulanje and Thyolo is over. There is no way he can rule by force. Let him challenge us with a referendum” Wandale has been quoted as saying.

Wandale, who was scheduled to be sworn in last Thursday, was arrested on Sunday. He has so far been referred to Bwaila Mental Hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

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