Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has threatened to take action if the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government fails to table Electoral Reforms Amendment Bills during the current sitting of Parliament.

If passed and assented to, the bills will among other things change the system of electing president from the current First Past the Post system to 50+1 system.

Malawi Congress Party

Chakwera: His party is planning to protest

Government recently revealed that cabinet is yet to discuss the bills hence they cannot be tabled.

But the main opposition MCP has suggested that it will stage a protest in Parliament if the Electoral Reforms Amendment Bills are not tabled.

“We will protest that because everyone wants the bills after the government promised that they would be tabled. Therefore, we do not expect excuses,” a MCP legislator told the local media.

In his speech when he opened the 47th session of Parliament on Friday, President Peter Mutharika did not mention the bills.

Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera last week advised DPP government to keep its promise regarding the bills if the DPP administration wants people to continue trusting it.

“The whole world was told by an honourable minister that the Bills on the electoral reforms would be presented in the meeting beginning this month. We expect that they will live by their own promise, unless they want to tell Malawians that they should not be trusted anymore,” Chakwera said.

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