In recent months, the country has been experiencing incessant power outages. All sectors are evidently affected by this problem.
If it is not a welder who has graduated from President Peter Mutharika’s much touted community colleges failing to make ends meet because he cannot operate his small welding shop because of the blackouts, somewhere women are sleeping at maize mills waiting for power supply.
The situation at Parliament yesterday is one of those sad indicators of how our leaders are failing to properly plan for the future.
This is a place where the country’s important decisions are made. We hear there was a ‘big’ technical fault at Nkula, and what Members of Parliament (MPs) experienced yesterday was happening across the country.
So, we are in a country where, if it is not the issue of boring load-shedding schedules, we should also be expecting ‘technical faults’ at Nkula, which cause national blackouts. What is wrong with our country? Will we ever get things right?
The list on the negative impact of the blackouts is endless. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the country is experiencing the worst power challenges in history.
We have leaders who are busy outlining short-term measures to deal with the problem. Generators? Yes, they can, at least, make people forget the problem they have at a particular time. But this is not addressing the root cause.
And with Parliament, even though the information we are getting from secretariat officials is that the generator at Parliament got damaged as Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi’s power went off, the fact remains that we have a serious problem that cannot be justified.
With Malawians waiting for when Electoral Reforms Amendment Bills will be tabled, every minute that is wasted is a minute too much. Already the august House is burdened with a lot of workload from previous meetings and every sitting was supposed to be treated as precious.
It is, therefore, high time our leaders found lasting solutions to the power challenges the country is experiencing. Otherwise, the future of this nation is in the dark, just like the present.

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