Malawians unhappy with the change.

Malawians have accused Castel, the company that has taken over Carlsberg, of changing the bottle of Coca-Cola without telling consumers.

According to Malawians, the company has started packaging Coca-Cola in a bottle similar to the one used to package Cherryplum.

This has led to confusions as consumers are buying Coca-Cola thinking it is Cherryplum.

“This Castel Company changed the Coca-Cola bottle without any announcement and I thought I was having Cherryplum so pissed,” complained one Malawian on social media.

“It tastes so bad,” chipped in another Malawian.

Castel recently took over Carlsberg Malawi after Carlsberg Group sold its entire 59% stake in Carlsberg to the French company.

As part of the deal, Castel agreed to continue producing Carlsberg beer for the next 10 years.

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