Rumphi east legislature Kamlepo Kaluwa on Thursday told the youths in the northern region that he is ready to sacrifice his life for them in order to make sure that they get what they deserve from government.

Kaluwa’s remarks came after the youths in the region threatened to deal with their legislatures who have pledged to support the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Speaking in a telephone interview after courted by hundreds of the youths in the northern region, Kamlepo said he cannot and will not support the ruling DPP because of its poor administration as well as failure to deal with the problems the country is facing.

“I am very happy that the youths in the northern region have understand my stand. I will not betray them for my own benefit. But I will continue fight for their welfare,” said Kamlepo.

The Rumphi east legislature who is also PP acting vice President said “DPP is the party that kidnapped me and used different machineries to end my political career. It will therefore be difficult and insane for me to join hand with it. I am not cheap the way DPP think.”

In his remarks, fearless youth activist Steven Simsokwe who led the youths commended Kamlepo for the decision.

Simsokwe who is well known in mobilizing the community especially in dealing with disgruntled leaders and companies said the youths in the north will not sleep but take to task all legislatures in the region who have betrayed them.

“They should expect action from us. We shall not entertain such weakened politicians. But to say the truth we are very happy today with Kamlepo’s stand. We expect others to follow suit,” said Simsokwe.

Adding “we shall be going in each and every constituencies of the disgruntled legislatures in the north to mobilize the youths and community to take them to task.”

Simsokwe denied rumours that he has been sponsored by someone to deal with such legislatures in north.

“I fight for the youths in the region and I will be going that. I think such words are coming from people who don’t know me. I am a man of action. I fought for the relocation of the refugees camp, naming of Karonga-Chitipa road to Bingu Highway as well as Kayerekera saga in mentioning a few on my own,” he disclosed.

Simsokwe said northerners have been and are suffering in the hands of DPP hence his decision.

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