The very poison that Peter Mutharika and DPP used to make Joyce Banda and her PP lose elections will be used to dislodge Peter Mutharika and DPP from government after elections next year 2019. [Thumba la Tambe omasula ndi Tambe yemwe]

Knowing that state theft and corruption are the worst enemies that citizens of Africa hate, Peter Mutharika did not spend too much energy and resources to win the hearts of citizens. He used the the “enemy corruption” to lure support of citizens by labeling Joyce Banda and her Peoples Party as a party of thieves because of the MK30 billion cash gate scandal.

Without verifying and proving Joyce Banda a thief of the said cash gate scandal Malawians punished her and her party not to win elections. By then Peter Mutharika and his DPP looked “angelic and savior” who were not going to do the same.

After winning elections Peter Mutharika attracted attention of the World singing the chorus that labelled Joyce Banda as a worst thief of the century.

Peter Mutharika promised the World ‘heaven and Earth’ that under his government there will never be corruption and state looting.

Four years later the tone of Peter Mutharika has shortchanged, instead of being the stopper of cash gate and corruption Peter Mutharika has been discovered to be the worst thief, liar, corrupt and state looter.

While many people feel caught of “guilty conscious” for persecuting and punishing Joyce Banda in 2014 while the ‘real and true thieves’ are the ones who lied and cheated the nation; there is absolute anger in the hearts of citizens that even if no opposition party can be available to contest elections in the country voters would rather abscond from voting.

The presence of Malawi Congress Party, a party whose past is tainted but rebranded with internal democracy presently gives them upper hand to receive many votes even if elections were to be held today or tomorrow.

This is because all other parties have turned into family investments to be inherited by blood line of the founders.

DPP the worst corrupt party is the family party of the Mutharikas, UDF a party that ushered multiparty democracy is embroiled in the lineage from Bakili Muluzi to Atupele Austin Muluzi (a family party too).

The sacking of Uladi Mussa from acting as the president of Peoples Party and his replacement by the son Roy Kachale of the founder Joyce Banda proves that all parties that were born during multiparty dispensation are family investments for business purposes not “serving the people”.

The political duty of parties are to serve and there is no way only one family can be entrusted to be the best and only servants of a country.

Malawians have opened their eyes to realize that they are being taken for a ride by family parties; no wonder after the loss of Malawi Congress Party in 1994 all ruling parties that came into power for 24 years have done little to develop the nation of Malawi and its citizens. Let alone enriching the founders, brothers, children and die-hard followers.

What has been developed for 24 years are names and families of those who founded political parties and their minions.

For citizens to put “reverse gear” and return to Malawi Congress Party is because there are several developments they can point out than what democratic parties have done the past 24 years.

If you go into public domain of social media citizens are bringing back images of the Malawi we had during MCP era, showing an appetite of missing the past. Malawians are opting for Egypt than Canaan of corruption and state looting.

One thing that DPP and Peter Mutharika are failing to pick is that citizens today are more connected than in 1994 and a rumour is traveling faster than the speed of sound. To cheat themselves that citizens in the village have nothing to do with the MK577 billion, MK92 billion stolen by this government of Peter Mutharika is like making love with a finger.

Politicians must know that citizens have opened our eyes, we know that they are voted into the government to serve and that it is our taxes they steal to enrich themselves while failing us in the villages and country sides.

Malawians have sworn that after Joyce Banda no-one will win elections when he is involved in corruption and state looting.

Currently Peter Mutharika and his DPP have been found wanting for failing to stop what pushed them in government; there is no need to bring them back into government! We say.

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