If you are still poking fun at the President, you would better quit at hearing this news.

A primary school teacher in Blantyre has been handed a 12 month suspended sentence having mocked President Peter Mutharika, Malawi24 has learnt.

The teacher identified as one Mike Suedi was overheard mocking Mutharika over his recent official activities.

MachingaMutharika has been laying foundation stones for numerous projects the government is into lately.

While a social media storm on this remains tight, Suedi was overheard by women donning ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) regalia saying the president was laying ‘useless stones’.

It is understood the women went ahead to report to police having heard him say so when the Presidential convoy was passing by.

Suedi was arrested and later the Blantyre First Magistrate Court convicted him on charges of conduct likely to cause breach of peace and insulting the president.

He was ordered to do 80 hours of community service for the first count and sentenced to a 12 month suspended sentence for the second count.

When delivering the ruling, first grade magistrate Kitty Nkhoma said the president should be respected.

“The punishment will teach others that it is an offence to insult the president,” she said.
Earlier last year, a man in Limbe was also arrested after smashing Mutharika’s portrait.

A recent one involved a man in Zomba who snatched an envelope from Mutharika’s hands as his convoy was passing by.

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