Untapped talent among the youth just needs a platform or motivation to materialise. High unemployment rate, among other woes, adds misery to the life of the country’s youth.

But the belief that nothing for the youth without them has prompted some youthful artists in Blantyre to organise themselves into establishing what is called This Is Malawi (TIM) brand—a promising haven for talented youths.

Models don TIM branded T-shirts

Those gifted in modelling, music, choreography, visual arts, photography and fashion design, among other talents, find the platform and motivation in TIM to manifest their instinct abilities from the world of dreams into the physical.

The brand’s spokesperson Kondwani Chirwa says TIM has come to stay and it will strive to uplift talent among passionate youths.

“We believe entrepreneurship in art can pay dearly in absence of employment. TIM is the initiative every talented youth longed for. When you discover your talent, join us because together we can achieve more,” he says.

Chirwa adds that the brand promotes and preserves Malawian culture through music and fashion design in an urban approach.

He says: “Youths are encouraged to embrace Malawian roots—from Chitipa to Nsanje—in their products. We are proud of chitenje and our members produce standard fashion designs for any occasion.”

One of the youth in the music talent category, Alinafe Light Chiwanda alias L Cee, who fuses afro-jazz with a local touch, says Tim indicates there is love and unity among the youths.

“We have the team work spirit that enables us to satisfy everyone’s talent in the brand. Success will not come on a silver platter, we have to work hard,” says L Cee.


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