Central Medical Stores Trust  procurement officer James Fombe on Saturday wedded his long time fiance, Mphatso at a glittering K6.9 million wedding ceremony at Livingstonia Beach Hotel in Salima.

Hotel bill shows K6.9 million

Newly wed: James and Mphatso Fombe

Fombe wedding cake

The wedding comes amidist public interest generated from social media  reports that it was budgeted at K69 million. But Fombe rejected the rumours, saying the arithmetic is wrong.

Pictures from Salima seen in the social media show it was a well funded wedding ceremony, very glittering but certainly not K69 million as speculated.

Nyasa Times checked with Livingstonia Beach Hotel and seen booking documents of K6.9million.

And the final bill showed it was also trimmed.

“We were not feeding people gold to spend K69 million,” said Fombe.

The 38-year-old holder of MBA from University of Strathclyde in Scotland, said he was a victim of “smear campaign.”

As a civil servant, the speculations will certainly attract investigations into the expenditure of the wedding.

However, Fombe claims the mathamatics will still remain  under K10 million even a forensic investigations can be carried.

The cost of tying the knot is modern-day weddings is mostly lavish with expensive venues, mind-boggling vehicle fleets, extravagant photography budgets, large cakes, expensive golden rings, imported garments among other items that feature in the budgets.

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