Nkhata Bay-based musician Gasper Nali continues shining beyond the borders, with his debut album Abale Ndikuwuzeni gracing international music charts.

The album ranks number 25 on Europe’s Transglobal World Music Chart.

In January last year, the album saw a huge peak in Spotify listeners as he got featured on The Discovery Weekly playlist.

Breaking the international music scene: Gasper

This prompted his producer and founder of UK’s Spare Dog Records, Mattias Stålnacke, to launch a crowd funding campaign to release CDs in August.

The release has received four-star reviews in the prestigious Songlines Magazine and RootsWorld.

Writes reviewer Tom Orr in RootsWorld: “While I wouldn’t suppose that a new generation of African musicians will soon be seen wielding the babatoni as their instrument of choice, [particularly since there only seems to be one in existence thus far], Gasper Nali’s singular music deserves to be heard far and wide.”

Nali is a solo artist based in Nkhata Bay.

A  video showing him playing a three-metre,  one-string bass guitar has been watched over 18 million times online in the last 12 months.

The incredible homemade instrument is played with a beer bottle and a stick while he is singing and stomping a locally fashioned kick-pedal on cow-skin bass drum.

His music is bouncy and catchy, Malawi Roots to the core, and very danceable.

He recorded the album under Spare Dog Records which runs Moto Wambili Studios in Nkhata Bay. n


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