Politician-cum-businessman Iqbal Omar has unleashed a withering attack on the Malawian President  Peter Mutharika accusing him of  mismanagement of the country, saying United Democratic Front (UDF) should cut ties with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Omar: Any bad image on DPP will reflect on the UDF

Omar, who was expelled as first vice-president of UDF, says he is against UDF work with DPP.

He says UDF leader Atupele Muluzi who is serving in the Cabinet of President Mutharika is doing the nation a disservice to drag the party in political union with DPP.

Omar said DPP is not a party to associate with, accusing President Mutharika of failing to live up to the electorate expectations.

According to Omar, Malawi under DPP is a nation full of fear, in deep stress, a tense and polarised nation, a nation also characterised by disease and extreme poverty.

He said DPP has pushed many citizens into despair and despondency and that UDF should not work with it.

Muluzi and all UDF Members of Parliament (MPs), except Lucius Banda, moved to the government benches in Parliament following the working agreement.

Banda has been critical of the partnership, saying it does not hold because there is no formal document to concretise it and that it does not benefit the party as a whole.

But UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo has said Omar  was expelled from the party together with his allies Zaituna Yusuf and Dinocius Magombo.

“Omar, Zaituna Yusuf and Dinocius Magombo were fired from the party. In that regard, they have nothing to do with the party,” he said.

Omar has insisted that he is the legitimate first vice-president having been elected at a convention prior to the 2014 Tripartite Elections, arguing that only the party’s convention can decide on his eligibility.

He once served as member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe City South West Constituency.

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