Brenda Kadam’manja is a new gospel sensation with a knack for blending cultural expressions and traditions in her music.

“I am a Malawian and my music compels me to jealously guard my values to serve my interests better. I love to present myself in a Malawian way both musically and fashion,” she said.

Kapondam’manja: Piracy messed up Malawi music

Kadam’manja started as a soul artist early last year when she dropped her debut album Patsogolo.

She is currently finalising her second album Nkhondo Yatha to be released early next month.

To come up with her new album, she has worked with renowned artists such as Allan Chirwa, Joseph Tembo, Eliza Mponya, Henry Masupai (Ahento) and Allan Jogi.

She continues to preserve her cultural values in Nkhondo Yatha which tilts towards Ingoma. Her zeal for culture is further depicted in her stage costume. Other songs on the new album are Things Are Getting Better, Yalura Mphasa, Chikondi Chanu, Ondisamala Wanga, Satana WagwaNayo, Fulumirani and Patsogolo Remix.

Kadam’manja bemoans piracy as a stumbling block.

“Piracy has messed up Malawi music market. The blow is being heavily felt by up-and-coming musicians such as me.  The moment you put an album on the market you get surprised it has already been pirated,” she said. n

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