Saturday’s 2018 Championship of African nations (Chan) preliminary round second leg between the Flames and Madagascar’s Barea at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe grossed K23.5 million.

According to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) commercial and sales director Limbani Matola, from the figure, FAM got K9.5 million. He described the revenue as satisfactory

“Considering that there were lots of gaps, particularly on the eastern side of the stadium, the figure is quite satisfactory,” he said.

Matola: It was satisfactory

Matola also said the gate-management system that was done by FDH Bank was impressive, “as there was no jostling and pushing”.


He also commended FDH Bank for selling tickets worth K10.3 million.

“This shows that Malawians are steadily embracing the culture of using banks to buy tickets.”

Matola also noted that there were a lot of positives as well as areas of improvements.

“On the positives, it was pleasing to note that the maiden use of hospitality parking where some spectators paid K500 to access parking space, was a success.

“While on areas of improvement, we noted that some spectators who bought tickets for the open space, accessed the covered stands, but this had to do with structural design. Nevertheless, security did a good job in handling the situation.

“Generally, the police and stewards did a commendable job because there were no acts of violence what-so-ever despite our team’s loss,” added Matola.

A Blantyre-based fan, Peter Kamanga, who watched the match, described the entire set-up as professional, saying: “The only drawback was the Flames’ loss.”

Matola said from the gross, K1 175 000 went to sales agents as commission making the net figure of K22.3 million from which ground owners got 25 percent translating to K5.7 million.

“Service providers [including security personnel, ball boys, ushers and ground workers] were paid a total of K3.2 million while ticket printing cost the association K1 896 000.

“FDH Bank got K1 140 000 for gate management, Malawi National council of Sports’ [MNCS] five percent share came up to K861 000, leaving us with a balance of K9.5 million,” he said. n

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