The new appointed Malawi Information Minister Nicholas Dausi on Sunday rubbished the Center for Development of the People (CEDEP) executive director Gift Trapence’s Christmas message against the

Dausi: ‘kills’ CEDEP’s Christmas message against APM

country’s President Peter Mutharika while demanding the vocal activist to apologize.

On Saturday, Trapence described this year’s Christmas as dark, dull and painful in the history of the country’s democratic era.

He said this is because of the high cost of living caused by inflation, persistent water shortages, erratic electricity, critical food shortages and high level of corruption under the Peter Mutharika’s administration.

“The socio-economic challenges are just too many for Malawians to enjoy and celebrate Christmas,” reads part of CEDEP statement.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera shares CEDEP’s sentiments as he too is widely reported to have said that Mutharika has failed Malawians.

Trapence: 2016 Christmas dark, dull and painful

However, Dausi, a former National Intelligence Services (NIS) boss, described Trapence’s remarks as an insult to the number one citizen. He said the hunger problem that the country is facing is not because of Mutharika but the climate change which resulted in poor harvests.

“That is a big insult to the country’s President and as government we ask Trapence to apologize,” said Dausi.

“About the water and electricity problems, the President has come up with different measures of which every Malawian is aware of,” he added.

Dausi tipped the vocal activist Trapence to start coming up with the solutions to the problems rocking the country than just attacking government.

In a related development, some senior traditional leaders in the central region of the country asked the MCP President to stop calling Mutharika a failure while demanding him to apologize saying the statement was an insult.

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