In a bid to fight indiscipline in the Malawi  Police Service, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia is appealing to the general public to report any cop who is indiscipline.

Chiumia: I need to do a research

Chiumia: Report any indiscplined police officer

Chiumia made the remarks in Parliament while responding to a question from president of Alliance for Democrcay (Aford), Enock Chihana who is also Member for Rumphi Central.

Chihana observed that there is indiscipline amongst some Police officers and  asked what measures government was taking on bad apples in the Police service.

Chiumia stressed that any  manifestation of indiscipline by police officers would be decisively dealt with, while assuring that no act of indiscipline would go unpunished.

“Indeed, we are taking serious measures and those police men who are indiscipline, serious measures are being taken against them,” said Chiumia.

“Currently I would like to say that we have got a number of police officers who are even imprisoned because of misconduct. We will continue to do that but at the same time, as members and the community, you should also inform us about those police officers who are indiscipline,” she said.

Chihana also queried the minister on the recruitment process, asking what criterion is used to employ a police officer.

The Minister said “ there is no special criteria, but what we say in our policy is that police officers are supposed to be people with discipline because they are peace makers and they are supposed to protect people.”

According to Chiumia,  there is  a disciplinary committee in each and every Police station which assesses the performance and the behaviour of Police officers.

“This allows units to report whatever a police officer is doing, so through that we are able to identify those who are indiscipline,” she said.

“But at the same time, the community also has been able to assist us and through that, that is a criteria we are using. We are able to investigate and take these into discipline.  So, please, I would like to urge members, let us report any disciplinary cases if these officers are misbehaving,” Chiumia said.

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