Onjezani Kenani: Under Fire
Onjezani Kenani: Under Fire

A Malawian working at the United Nations in Geneva, Stanley Onjezani Kenani, has put himself in trouble after his bosses established that he has been leaking information to critics of Malawi government for purposes of tarnishing Malawi’s image.
A renowned writer and accountant by profession, Kenani is said to have leaked last year’s Malawi’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly.
UN bosses in Geneva -where Kenani is based- have summoned him to a hearing for him to explain why he has used information privy to him to undermine a member government and state.
UN top officials say their organization does not operate like that; especially leaking passport numbers and names of the holders.
Kenani’s conduct- his bosses say- is a form of espionage that put individuals at risk as it gave room to terrorists and cyber criminals.
Kenani has also been leaking information to his Malawian compatriots Ben Chiza Mkandawire and Allan Ntata. The three continue to work hand in hand to undermine Professor Mutharika’s government in the eyes of global stakeholders.
The UNGA list became a contentious issue because some government critics failed to differentiate the expenditure structure as they claimed that government paid for all the 120 something names on the list.
However, a clarification by UN and Foreign Affairs officials indicated that government only pair for less than 20 people while the rest were catered for by other organizations. The reason all names appeared on a single list was purely for logistical purposes.
UN statutes demand high confidentiality among employees at all times.
“United Nations personnel shall not use information that is not generally available to the public, for private gain, financial or otherwise to benefit themselves or others with whom they have personal, family or other ties, nor shall they disclose such information to the public without authorization. This duty continues to apply after the expiration of their service with United Nations,” reads a clause in the UN Code of Conduct.
Realizing that he has put himself in trouble Kenani has since deactivated his Facebook account which he has used all along to insult Professor Mutharika and his government.

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