Three women who severely assaulted and harassed their fellow woman in area 25 C in Malawi’s capital will be sentenced today.

Malawi24 caught up with Kanengo police spokesperson Laban Makalani who has confirmed the development.

To be sentenced today.

A 14 year sentence for the women widely reported on Monfay was a mere hoax.

Makalani said the three Lilongwe will be paraded before the Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Court this morning.
The women are Thokozani Msiska (27) from Enukweni village, Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba, Zelifa Phiri (27) from Setha village, Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji and Rodness Chisale (40) from Gonthi village, Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza.

They were convicted by Nkukula Second Grade Magistrate Court in Lumbadzi of Acts Intended to Cause Grievous Harm penal code which attracts a maximum penalty of life imprisonment a second count of Insulting the Modesty of a Woman which attracts a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment.

Following the conviction, Police Prosecutor Sub Inspector Charles Eliasi of Kanengo Police applied to the court to transfer the cases to Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Court for sentencing due to gravity of the maximum penalty attached to the first count.

Nkukula Second Grade Magistrate Ezekiel Kantikana, who is mandated to pass punishment not exceeding 10 years Imprisonment with Hard Labour then transferred the case to Lilongwe Senior Resident Magistrate Court for sentencing.

Makalan said On Friday the 20th October, Kanengo Police Station launched an investigation into phonographic materials which went viral on the social media depicting a syndicate of women while stripping naked and severely assaulting their counterpart. The incident at Area 25 sector C in Lilongwe on the 18th October 2017.

It was revealed after a 30-year-old launched a complaint to the police alleging that she had been harassed for 8 hours from 0900hrs to 1700hrs.

She further alleged that on the particular day, she had been coaxed from her house in Area 25 sector 3 to a house of the main culprit identified as Thokozani Msiska (27) in area 25C.

The woman told police that upon arriving at the compound she found a team of about seven women who had gathered in order to accuse her of wrong doings.

In the accusations Thokozani Msiska accused her of defaming her by disclosing her HIV sero status to the public.

Following the accusations the victim complained that the group of women severely assaulted her before stripping her naked. In the clip the women are seen urinating in the face of the victim who is lying naked on the floor.

Police has joined activists and Human Rights Organizations in condemning the acts portrayed by the convicts.

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